Experts in Metal Assembly & Inserting Services

At CEL, we take pride in providing high-quality metal assembly services. We specialise in manufacturing a diverse range of sheet metal assembly, ensuring precision and excellence in every product we deliver. With our state-of-the-art assembly lines, we guarantee flexibility and competitiveness, catering to a wide variety of metal products.

Unmatched Metal Assembly

Our assembly department is equipped with cutting-edge technologies, making it a hub of efficiency and innovation. With a focus on product consistency, we employ resistance welding, stud welding, and touchscreen programmable PEM inserting machines. These advanced tools enable us to handle complex assembly tasks with ease, delivering top-notch results for your sheet metal assembly needs.

Your Trusted Partner in Metal Assembly

When you choose CEL, you are partnering with experts who prioritise customer satisfaction and product quality. Our skilled technicians and rigorous quality control measures ensure that every assembly meets the highest industry standards. Whether you require specialised sheet metal assembly or customised fabrication, we have the capabilities to meet your unique project requirements.

Flexible Solutions for Your Needs

We understand that every project is distinct, and flexibility is key to successful assembly operations. Our assembly lines are designed to be adaptable and versatile, accommodating various metal products efficiently. From small-scale prototypes to large-scale production runs, CEL is equipped to handle projects of all sizes.

Experience the CEL Difference

With years of experience in metal assembly services, we have earned the trust of our clients across diverse industries. Our commitment to continuous improvement and advanced assembly techniques sets us apart as a reliable partner for your metal assembly.