Our CNC sheet metal forming services can produce almost any component design, whilst saving you time and money. 

About Our CNC Forming

Our extensive range of multi axis CNC forming machines incorporate the latest press brake technology. They enable us to form complex parts up to 4 metres accurately and consistently.

Our press brake machines can now create multiple bends quickly and accurately, combined with the programmable back stops we can produce multiple bends within minutes speeding up production times and reducing overall costs. Other advantages of CNC bending include:

High precision and accuracy:
With the integration of CNC technology, bending equipment now has a greater degree of control over the bending and forming process, this allows our operators to produce parts and products with greater precision.

Production efficiency
CNC bending and forming machines provide quicker processing speeds, making it easier to reach high-volume production orders.

Low production cost
Not only offering higher production efficiency, CNC bending and forming have fewer labour requirements.

The Forming Department

CEL has a fully equipped press brake department capable of bending up to 4 metre lengths in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. The high-tech capabilities offered by the Folding Department free the designer from the traditional limitations of sheet metal forming. To assist in component design, CEL has an advanced 3D CAD system to develop complex folded components and to model multiple-part assemblies. CNC programs are generated quickly and are stored electronically for future use.