About our CNC punching

Depending on batch size and the complexity of the required parts, CNC punching can be a more cost effective solution than laser cutting. It offers rapid processing speeds and low operating costs, and CEL’s punching machines can also generate formed features - dimples, louvres, logo indentations and knock-outs - avoiding the need for additional expensive operations.

CNC punching offers many different advantages including:

Increased productivity
Once the design has been selected and built we can re-use it time and time again meaning if CNC punching needs to be done in batches we can increase production through elimination of technical and time consuming manual operations.

Accuracy and speed
Thanks to its automation and reproducibility CNC punching is a quick process no matter how complex the design is, whilst ensuring precision is maintained.

The CNC punching machine comes with an internal quality detector meaning that if any defects are detected the machine will automatically stop punching to prevent further waste.

The Punching System

CEL’s high speed CNC punching system, the Trumpf TruPunch 2020 Sheetmaster, is capable of punching materials up to 6mm in thickness, and can work with sheet sizes up to 2.5 x 1.25 metres without repositioning.

The automated sheet-feeding system, parts picker and scrap-offloading systems enable low-cost “lights out” running and maximised efficiency.

The whole choice of the system can range from a simple circle or rectangle to a more specific shape to fit a certain cutout pattern. For complex sheet metal components a combination of single strikes and overlapping geometries can be used.


Thanks to our CNC punching system a wide range of materials can be used including stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium. Computer-assisted part nesting allows maximum material utilisation and parts yield, thereby lowering unit costs. The materials thickness can also vary when using the CNC punching system with an ideal thickness anywhere between 0.5mm to 6mm. 

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