About our CNC punching

Depending on batch size and the complexity of the required parts, CNC punching can be a more cost effective solution than laser cutting. It offers rapid processing speeds and low operating costs, and CEL’s punching machines can also generate formed features - dimples, louvres, logo indentations and knock-outs - thus avoiding the need for additional expensive operations.

The Punching System

CEL’s High Speed CNC punching system, the Trumpf TruPunch 2020 Sheetmaster, is capable of punching materials up to 6mm in thickness, and can work with sheet sizes up to 2.5 x 1.25 metres without repositioning.
The automated sheet-feeding system, parts picker and scrap-offloading systems enable low-cost "lights out" running and maximised efficiency.


A wide range of materials can be used, including stainless steel, mildsteel, aluminium, brass, copper and plastics. Computer-assisted part nesting allows maximum material utilisation and parts yield, thereby lowering unit costs.