About our laser cutting facility

Whether you require high volume production or small batches, our portfolio of machines can offer a cost-effective solution to your business. Our fully automated Trupmf fibre laser is capable of cutting  speeds of 80m/min and can cut a wide range of material including copper, titanium and brass.


By investing in modern CNC systems and laser technology CEL can “nest” components – generating maximum parts yield per sheet, dramatically lowering unit costs. Complex shapes and profiles can be produced in a high tolerance, high speed manner compared to other methods of machining. Tooling costs are zero.

Modern Systems

Modern systems have such great power and capability that CEL can now laser cut ever thicker materials to high degrees of intricacy and fine detail. Fast processing times, excellent production delivery timescales and rapid prototype potential can easily be achieved. An example is our latest addition to the cutting department a new state of the art fully automated Trumpf fibre laser cutting centre.